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Renee S, 04.22.22 - 9:38 pm

Please pray for wisdom and direction from God on what to do about my unsaved husband who ghosted and divorced me. I just want to obey God, and I will learn to let go or stand for this marriage, I just need clarity on what God wants. I will keep praying for his salvation either way. Thank you

Linda A Culpepper, 03.06.22 - 3:15 pm

They found a cyst on left kidney as well as liver 6 months ago. The one on kidney has double and kidney back up. Pray for a complete healing that further testing will show something that can be easily corrected🤔

Renee, 02.13.22 - 7:10 pm

UPDATE: TY to those who have prayed for me this past 6 mos. The divorce went thru but praise God for His provision of a job that allowed me to keep my house & His comfort for my heart. I ask prayer to keep my focus on God & for salvation for my dear Jeff & 3 young adult kids

Harry, 02.06.22 - 10:31 pm

Praying for my health, children, and people suffering from addiction, and this country

Renee, 01.09.22 - 12:23 am

I need God’s financial provision so that I don’t lose my house in an unwanted divorce. Please pray for God to change Jeff’s heart away from divorce or for me to be able to find a way to qualify to refinance the house on my own. Please pray for Jeff’s salvation. God, I have been faithfully waiting on You. I need Your help!

Renee, 11.21.21 - 9:43 pm

Please pray that my husband Jeff’s heart will be softened so that he will be receptive to Jesus & to me. Sent him a message today for the first time in months asking to reconcile

Arlene's Robinson, 11.15.21 - 10:29 am

Food and financial and present for my kids please help me I appreciate it thank you

Anna, 11.14.21 - 10:31 pm

Struggling. My heart feels like a gaping black hole of pain. Husband left me 6 months ago. Thought I was making progress recovering but just a mess tonight. Please pray for his salvation and for God to intervene to prevent divorce.

Paula Klunder, 11.12.21 - 6:03 am

Please pray for my daughter’s mother in law who is visiting them from Oregon. She tested positive for Covid on Tuesday. She was admitted to the hospital with blood clots and low oxygen levels yesterday. Thank you!