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Renee, 07.10.22 - 9:53 pm

God, please heal my broken places, and grant salvation for my dear ex husband Jeff & our children. Please bring us into a godly marriage and restore this mess.

Harry, 06.15.22 - 11:49 am

Pray for our Pastor, his staff, and our Church for. growth, finances, VBS, and our country for us returning to a God fearing Nation and People

Renee S, 04.22.22 - 9:38 pm

Please pray for wisdom and direction from God on what to do about my unsaved husband who ghosted and divorced me. I just want to obey God, and I will learn to let go or stand for this marriage, I just need clarity on what God wants. I will keep praying for his salvation either way. Thank you

Linda A Culpepper, 03.06.22 - 3:15 pm

They found a cyst on left kidney as well as liver 6 months ago. The one on kidney has double and kidney back up. Pray for a complete healing that further testing will show something that can be easily corrected🤔

Renee, 02.13.22 - 7:10 pm

UPDATE: TY to those who have prayed for me this past 6 mos. The divorce went thru but praise God for His provision of a job that allowed me to keep my house & His comfort for my heart. I ask prayer to keep my focus on God & for salvation for my dear Jeff & 3 young adult kids

Harry, 02.06.22 - 10:31 pm

Praying for my health, children, and people suffering from addiction, and this country

Renee, 01.09.22 - 12:23 am

I need God’s financial provision so that I don’t lose my house in an unwanted divorce. Please pray for God to change Jeff’s heart away from divorce or for me to be able to find a way to qualify to refinance the house on my own. Please pray for Jeff’s salvation. God, I have been faithfully waiting on You. I need Your help!

Renee, 11.21.21 - 9:43 pm

Please pray that my husband Jeff’s heart will be softened so that he will be receptive to Jesus & to me. Sent him a message today for the first time in months asking to reconcile

Arlene's Robinson, 11.15.21 - 10:29 am

Food and financial and present for my kids please help me I appreciate it thank you