How Can We Pray For You?

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Anonymous, 06.29.24 - 1:02 am

Please pray for me as I am struggling to provide food for my kids.

Anonymous, 05.19.24 - 3:15 pm

Please pray for a Miracle for God to take these alcohol addictions from my grandson and help him to get a good job and pray for salvation for him, that he will do something with his life ,and a healing for my broke leg, Thanks

Anonymous, 03.27.24 - 2:41 pm

Please pray for my mother-in-law, Annie. She is in MUSC Ashley Towers and she is in need of prayer.

Harry, 02.04.24 - 12:51 pm

Please pray for my 4 month old granddaughter Priscilla. She is at MUSC children’s Hospital. She is not gaining weight. Pray the doctors find out why and for my daughter Sarah for strength and comfort.

Harry Long, 01.08.24 - 11:47 am

Prayers for Amy. It is her 2nd bout with Bronchitis. She seems to not be able to shake it

Harry Long, 08.20.23 - 7:05 pm

Pray for healing for an upcoming surgery. God have his way and I will give him the glory. Be with the surgeons hands and release any fear I have.

Raina Orley, 07.25.23 - 9:26 am

Please pray for a man named Connor, his salvation healing and deliverance.

Anonymous, 06.16.23 - 10:23 pm

I ask continued prayers for salvation for my ex husband, Jeff, & our 3 young adult children. God brought me to Christ suddenly in 2020; they see me as crazy since then. Jeff left and they all went no contact with me in 2021. Also praying that God would direct my heart.

Michelle, 03.24.23 - 12:43 am

My family moved back here a year ago and we have done nothing but struggle. My kids are about to lose their home. My job has cut my hours in half. My husband lost his job. It’s been so hard. We haven’t found a church to call home which has been so hard because of how active we were in our church in Ga. I just need prayers for my family. We have never been homeless but I fear that is what is fixing to happen.

Anonymous, 02.13.23 - 12:29 pm

Prayer for God to deliver me from the sickness that's holding on to me.