Today’s Sing Along Worship Videos

These worship songs are custom made for your kids. They are made to get your kids up and moving. So crank up the volume, expand to full screen and rock out!

 Today’s Bible Lesson

 Downloadable Resources

Crosswords are challenging and fun for all ages and really allow you an opportunity to engage your kids spiritually.  It really is a fun way of learning.
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This is a great activity for your older kids. Make it fun by using a stop watch to time your kids. First one to complete it, wins! You could offer a special treat to the winner.
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Balaam’s Donkey Crossword

Maze Activity Sheet

Today’s Game

Talking Donkey Puppets | Supplies: paper lunch bags, markers, construction paper, googly eyes, yarn, and glue or tape. To expedite the craft, cut several sets of donkey ears out of grey or brown construction paper the night before class.

Give each student a flat paper bag. The part that folds forward is the donkey’s mouth. Have the students glue or tape two ears to the back of each bag. Then have them draw two large circles for the donkey’s nostrils just above the end of the small folded piece, and place two googly eyes just above that. They can then cut up yarn for the donkey’s tail and hair if they like, or add paper arms and legs, or decorate with markers. When finished, show them how to put their hands inside the bags and make it look like the donkey is talking. Have them repeat the donkey’s speech from the lesson.

Outreach Challenge Ideas

During these days of social distancing and quarantine, it can seem impossible to meet the needs of people face to face.  So, we have come up with a couple of ways you can get your kids involved in community outreach and yet keep them safe. 

An Encouraging Call

Blessing Box Outing

Most of us have a smart phone or a computer with a camera. Why not reach out to one of our senior adults in the church on Skype, FaceTime or other video chat service and have your kids interview them, write down their answers and (with permission of course) record your young person reading the answers aloud. You can then share the video on your personal or our Church Facebook page (once again please ask permission before posting).
Tip: you will probably want to help the little ones with the questions and simplify it a bit, but this can be a great outreach for both the child and parent. 
During these most challenging times many people arr struggling financially, physically and emotionally. Many don’t even know if they’ll have food to eat to even put food on the table. Then there is the homeless community who are feeling even more of the affects of our current crisis. Why not engage your kids in community outreach by gathering together some non-perishable food items, snacks and personal hygiene items. Then visit a few of the local Blessing Boxes and add a few things. Say a prayer with your kids at each location and let them envision the people they will impact through their effort. This can be an eye opening experience for your young person and may cause them to appreciate the blessing they enjoy every day.