Welcome to River Oaks



Join the pastor in the fellowship hall the last Sunday of the month at 9:00AM for a time of fellowship and conversation. Come get to know the pastor and the church a little bit more at Coffee with Pastor!
Baptism is a very important step in following the Lord Jesus. It not only helps us publicly identify as follower of Jesus, it also strengthens our faith through obedience to Christ’s command. If you would like to be baptized or know someone who does, join us for baptism service every second Sunday of the month. 

 New Series for July – Sunday’s at 11:00AM

When it comes to our lives today, we can either invest our time, money, and resources into the Kingdom of Heaven (the “Cloud”), or material possessions we accumulate on earth. This 4-week series on materialism, generosity, and schedule management communicates the importance of using our time and money to serve God, instead of the reverse—serving our time or money.