Plan Your Visit at River Oaks

What you can expect…

  • Come as you are and dress how you want
  • Free coffee and donuts 
  • Great programs for kids
  • Service last just over an hour
  • You’ll actually laugh a lot
  • Meet new people and get involved
  • Dynamic worship with upbeat music
  • Practical teaching from the Bible
  • It’s easy to understand and apply
  • A lack of awkward moments

Reserve Your Seat!

  • We’ll save a parking place for you
  • We’ll save you a seat
  • We’ll have a gift waiting for you
  • We’ll introduce you to the pastoral staff

Pre-Register Your Kids!

  • You will save time
  • Safe and fun atmosphere for kids
  • Your kids will get a special gift
  • Relax and enjoy the service
New Sermon Series in November – Sunday’s at 11AM
What does it mean to live a content life? Does it mean you have to settle for the status quo in life and never strive for greatness? In this series, you will learn from the Bible that contentment is a product of a grateful heart that is focused on the right things. When you focus on the goodness of God rather than yourself or circumstances, you will begin to understand what it means to truly live a life of contentment. If you feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your life, then come discover what the Bible says about the Content Life each Sunday in November.